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Did you know that some injuries sustained in a car accident can surface months or even years after the accident?

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Dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident is not fun. Depending on the severity of the collision, you are probably making phone calls to insurance companies, auto body shops, and mechanics.  Coordinating the necessary steps to get you back on the road can add tremendous stress to your already busy life.  Visiting an accident injury clinic, may not be your first stop, but injury clinics may be exactly what you need.  While obvious injuries such as broken bones and cuts demand immediate medical attention, less obvious injuries sustained in a car accident such as sore muscles, reduced range of motion, headaches, neck pain, and spinal pain are easier to put on the “back burner”.

We meet many patients in Edgewater and New Smyrna Beach with neck and spinal problems stemming from a car accident they had years ago.

Whiplash is a very common neck injury after an auto accident and will generally cause swelling, inflammation, and acute-severe neck pain. With a whiplash injury for example, a neck experiences very rapid change and is extended forward suddenly and usually done while flexed putting great strain on the vertebrae.  Physical Therapy when treated properly can greatly speed up recovery.

Most people expect to be sore following a collision.  They feel this “normal” soreness will subside in a couple of days.  After a few months or years, many people look back and realize they have never felt the same since their accident.  Whether it is lingering headaches, neck pain, numbness in the arms, or reduced range of motion, they finally get around to seeing a health care provider months to years after the accident.  By that point, their injuries are much more difficult to treat.

Other people delay diagnosis and treatment of auto accident injuries to the neck and spine because their symptoms are not evident immediately following the collision.  The symptoms of many spinal injuries can take weeks to months to surface.  And when they do surface, they can come and go…often giving the person false hope that the symptoms will go away on their own.  Even a small rear-end collision at a stoplight can lead to significant injuries and a host of spinal and muscle problems down the road.

Auto Accident Male Patient Holding Lower Back In Pain
Auto Accident Woman Patient Being Worked On By Medical Doctor

Our medical doctors specialize in treating the movement and mechanics of the neck and spine.  Visiting our medical center with a nurse practitioner, chiropractor, and rehab specialists may reveal injuries you didn’t know existed.  They help prevent pain that may cause health issues for months or years to come if left untreated. When automobile injuries are treated soon after the accident, patients tend to heal at a faster pace.

At Coastal Integrative Healthcare, our team of medical doctors and Regenerative Therapy specialists will sit down with you to talk about your accident and evaluate your health situation. No referrals are needed.


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