Vampire Face Lift

The Vampire Face Lift gets its name from the main rejuvenating ingredient: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from your own blood. This is a  non- invasive cosmetic procedure, so it really isn’t a face lift at all since there are no incisions and no skin removed. However, the procedure can make your face look smooth and rejuvenated with little to no down time.  

While most women try to combat fine lines and other signs of aging with new skin care products or new serums or boosters, some aging processes cannot be improved with topical treatment alone.

Is the PRP Face lift right for you?

Do you have signs of aging?

  • Skin becoming gray

  • Fine lines

  • Sunken areas on the face

  • Crow’s feet around the eye area

  • Less defined facial shape

  • Skin texture becoming less smooth

As a result of aging, skin starts looking “worn” or “tired” or “droopy” and loses the youthful rosy hue seen in children and young adults, and starts fading to a dull gray tone. These are the areas the Vampire Face lift can target.

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Steps of Vampire Face lift Procedure

After an initial consultation appointment with your provider a second visit will be required for the actual procedure.

First the injector uses HA fillers to create the shape that is wanted. Then the physician will isolate growth factors from the patients blood after its spun down in a centrifugation system to separate the platelet- rich plasma (PRP) from the other blood elements. After the growth factors are injected by the physician the multipotent stem cells become activated to stimulate the growth of new tissue. This new tissue includes new collagen, new fatty tissue and new blood vessels to bring back the healthy glow

Frequently asked questions

What is recovery like?

There is minimal down time after the Vampire Face Lift and you should be able to resume usual activities the day after the procedure. Most doctors recommend avoiding direct sunlight for a day or two after the procedure and using sunscreen if you will be in any sunlight. Some providers also recommend not wearing makeup or washing your face for at least 12 hours after the procedure as to not irritate the skin that is adjusting to the changes.

When will I see results?

You should see changes to your skin tone and texture right away, but the optimal results will appear around three months after the procedure. After the initial three months, you may still see improvements in the months to come.

How long will the results last?

While as all fillers are temporary and typically wear off after about a year. If you are diligent in taking good care of your skin, your results have the potential to last up to two years. However, most patients return for additional treatments after about eighteen months.

What are the risks or potential side effects of the Vampire Face Lift?

Since the procedure uses your own blood for most of the injection, the side effects are mild. Immediately following the procedure you can expect swelling, redness, and bruising. This, however, is temporary and should fade quickly.

The Vampire Face Lift is not for everyone. Many would do better with other kinds of services like surgery, laser therapy, Botox, PRP or an HA filler. Your provider will discuss if this option is right for you.

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