4 Things to Look Forward to With Pain Management

January 17, 2022

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A pain management clinic is a great resource for diagnosing, managing and treating chronic pain. When you visit a pain management clinic, you’ll get a specialist who clearly understands pain physiology and the best tests for revealing various pain-related conditions. A pain management specialist also recommends the best medications, therapies, and procedures for pain management. Below are things to look forward to with pain management. Palm Coast offers an office with extensively trained and experienced staff to help you out with your pain. 


1. Evaluation

When you visit a pain management clinic, you’ll meet a pain management specialist who’ll first assess your problem before developing a care plan. After the assessment and treatment plan have been developed, the specialist will also be keen to check your progress from time to time. Depending on your needs and assessment, the specialist also guides you on various other aspects to help you manage your condition properly.


2. Diagnosis Tests

Before the actual pain treatment, the doctor will recommend you undergo some diagnostic tests to determine the root cause of the pain. These tests play a significant role in pain management because the doctor can get a clear picture of the source of pain, thus recommending a good treatment solution. The doctor might recommend you undergo a diagnostic nerve block, CT or CAT scan if the pain is in internal organs, thermographic imaging for the peripheral circulation, psychological tests, nutritional analysis, or discography if the source of pain is intervertebral discs.


3. Pre-procedure

You need to keep in mind certain aspects prior to the pain management procedure. First, it’s always recommended to avoid eating hours before the appointment period. Secondly, if you’re under pain medications, you should also discontinue them for at least 4hours to get accurate results without any interference.


4. Treatment/discharge Instructions

The pain management doctor will incorporate the right pain management treatments, including physical therapy, massage therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, acupuncture, relaxation, etc. Depending on your condition, the doctor might also issue some discharge instructions to follow certain steps for quick recovery.


In conclusion, these are the top things to look forward to with pain management. A pain management doctor will help you eliminate chronic pain, which has physical and emotional effects.

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