Chiropractic Care vs. Medicine

Today I’m going to talk about chiropractic care vs. medicine.

In our office we’ve combined the two, so it’s not really one vs. the other.

But traditionally – hundreds of years ago, and even as recently as the seventies and eighties – chiropractors would be fighting with medical doctors and there was constant pushback between the two. They were fighting about what types of treatments were best and which ones were safe. There were lawsuits back and forth and there was a stigma against chiropractic or against the medical profession.

The good news is that that stigma is largely gone today. In our office we’ve developed fantastic relationships with medical doctors all over the city and county.

In fact, we get a lot of referrals from those medical doctors and we refer a lot of patients back. They are wonderful relationships to have.

Medication Integrated Into Our Office

In our office we actually have full time medical providers on our staff – including a medical doctor and nurse practitioners – along with the chiropractors. And we work as a team.

Every morning before we start seeing patients, a half hour is dedicated to just reviewing all the previous day’s new patients. We put up their x-rays and look at them together, as a team. We talk about their conditions, and about what types of treatments might work best for that particular patient. 

We find we get better results as a team. We’re all on the same page working for the benefit of the patient all under one roof. And the patients get better faster.

So there’s not really a ‘chiropractic vs. medicine’ mindset anymore. We’ve now found ways to integrate, and to get better results for the patient. And everybody’s happy.

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