Chiropractic Care vs. Surgery

Dr. Steflik here, with Coastal Integrative Healthcare.

Today I’m going to share some very important information about chiropractic care versus surgery.

There was a 2012 study done on workers who were injured on the job and had back pain.  Some went to a chiropractor, and some went to the surgeon. The study found that of those who went to the chiropractor first, only 1.4% had back surgery. But of those who went to the surgeon first, 42.5% had back surgery.

What this tells us is that who you go to first will largely determine whether or not you have back surgery. Of those who went to a chiropractor first, over 40% avoided having a surgery that may not have been necessary because their problem was resolved with chiropractic care.

Surgery Should Be A Last Resort

I don’t blame the surgeons necessarily because those are the tools they have in their bag. That’s what a surgeon knows. If a carpenter has a hammer and he sees a nail, he’s going to hit the nail. Those are his tools.

In chiropractic care, our tools are our hands, our brains, and some diagnostic equipment. They give us the ability to help the body heal itself and avoid those unnecessary surgeries.

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