Chiropractic Care vs. Yoga

Dr Timothy Steflik, with Coastal Integrative Healthcare in Florida and today I’m going to share some information about chiropractic vs. yoga.

A lot of our patients want to know if they should do yoga.

Yoga is a great exercise that will keep your muscles loose and healthy. It’s typically done in a class setting where a lot of people are doing the same movements as they progress through the class. The movements are not customized for each individual. 

The teacher usually says to do only what you’re able to do – which is what should happen until you progress to more advanced moves.

You should definitely talk with your doctor before you start getting into intense yoga.

Yoga is not as easy as it looks, by the way. If you’ve done it, you know it takes some practice.

More Information

In our clinic we’ve seen patients who are getting pain from yoga. They may be doing certain movements that are not right for their body. They could be jamming some of the joints in the back or stretching out muscles that really need to be strengthened instead of stretched.

If you’re having pain while you do yoga or your pain’s not going away from doing the yoga, then you definitely want to consult with a functional medicine doctor, or someone who specializes in that type of movement, or a specialist in back pain.

But overall, generally speaking, yoga is great. There are a lot of different types of yoga – hot yoga, aerial yoga, and others – but most of it is going to be good.

It’s great to do the meditative side of it as well – it can help heal the mind and the body.

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