We are OPEN!

We have decided to stay open for our patients during this stressful time. We have found that coming to work and serving others has allowed us to take our minds off the stressful situation. We are following the CDC guidelines and orders from President Trump to limit group sizes to less than ten. We are scheduling patients at staggered times so as not to have too many people in the clinic at one time.

We are here to keep you healthy! If you are sick, you should stay home. Some treatments we offer in the clinic to boost your immune system include B12 injections. B12 has shown to help the immune system function better. Come in and get a B12 injection. They are fast and easy and we could all use one right now.

More Information

We are wiping all surfaces, door handles, counter tops with Lysol or products that will kill viruses and bacteria.

We have cancelled all of our seminars for the time. We were doing one per week previously, but instead are offering the same value for patients to come in one on one with the doctor and learn about the services we have for peripheral neuropathy.

See you soon!

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