Car Accidents = Ruined Day

Nobody is happy after a car accident. Especially if it isn’t your fault. There is no better way to ruin a day than to get rear ended while sitting at a stop light. A lot of car crashes are classified as “minor impact.” This means the speed of the crash is often 5-10 miles per hour. Sometimes there is minimal damage to the vehicle. Because of the large inconvenience of having a car crash, many victims of accidents don’t want to take the time to get examined by a medical professional immediately after. We think “it’s going to take too much time” or “the car isn’t damaged that bad so I’m probably doing to be ok” or “I don’t feel much pain right now so I’ll wait and see how I feel tomorrow.” All those thoughts are normal because we are also worried about insurance, police reports, and getting to wherever it was we were going when the accident happened. What a headache!

How Much Damage Causes Permanent Injury

The scary part of being involved in a car accident is the potential for long term and permanent injuries. This is the chronic pain that never goes away and can affect you for the rest of your life. In reality, many car accidents that involve 5-10 mph collisions can cause permanent injury! Even if the symptoms are not present from the day of the accident. So, how do you know if you have an injury from the accident if you aren’t in pain? How do you know how severe your injury is if you are in some pain? Will it be permanent? Will it go away? When will it go away. These are common concerns our patients in Edgewater and Palm Coast have after being involved in car crashes.

The Width of Two Quarters = 3.5 mm

Do you have a quarter? Look at the width of the quarter. This is 1.75 mm. That is all the movement it takes in your spine to have a permanent injury. The bones in your spine known as your vertebrae. They are connected by ligaments. The purpose of the ligaments is to keep the bones from moving excessively. If they are stretched too far or too fast (like in a trauma, car crash, slip and fall, etc) then they become permanently damaged. This can lead to increase in permanent pain and early onset or faster progression of spinal arthritis. In our medical offices in Palm Coast and Edgewater we have computer software technology that can measure exactly how much damage you have in your spine after a car crash. This information is vital to be able to render specific treatment and to provide objective evidence of your injury if there is litigation involved. It proves your injury is legitimate and you can start the healing process.

  • Car crashes can cause permanent injury even if it’s “low impact”

  • It’s absolutely crucial you see appropriate medical care immediately following the accident (even with no pain)

  • Proper testing can reveal hidden injuries not seen on standard MRI or x ray

  • See the car crash experts for the absolute best care and healing

Car Crash Experts

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