Food Shortage?

Many people are extremely worried about COVID-19 or the coronavirus right now. I am here to help you focus on what you can do to BOOST your immune system and keep yourself healthy. There was an absolutely incredible study done earlier in China regarding treatment of symptoms with COVID-19. The study showed that ALL of the patients that were treated with mesenchymal stem cells from umbilical cord tissue recovered from their symptoms in the first 2-3 days!!

Part of our requirement for treatment of peripheral neuropathy in our office is an anti inflammatory diet. Why is an anti inflammatory diet so important? Part of the reason why we have so many disease in our modern society stems from the amount of inflammation in our diet. Inflammation can contribute to heart disease, increase pain especially in people with arthritis and auto immune diseases, and weaken the immune system! The last thing we need right now is to weaken the immune system!

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These processed foods are foods that create inflammation in the body. Inflammation on a small scale is not a bad thing. It’s the body’s response to healing. The problem is that we tend to have an over response of inflammation because of our standard American diets. What are some of the biggest culprits of inflammation in our diets? Number one is bread and processed grains like pasta. Sugar is another food that you should not be eating ever, but especially right now. Dairy is another food to eliminate if you want to boost your immune system.

What? No Bread? Yes, but it’s not that bad. All you need to do is find replacement foods. For dairy, you can buy almond milk instead. When I have been to the store I’ve found that almond milk is stocked on the shelves. For bread, you can wrap your usual sandwich in lettuce leaves or make it a salad. And for sugar, use honey or a natural sweetener if you have to sweeten things up a bit.

Look at this shortage of bread as a positive if you can replace it with healthier foods instead. Now is the time to boost your immunity rather than weaken it through poor eating and increase stress!

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