Can Chiropractic Help After a Car Accident?

January 11, 2022

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After being involved in a car accident, the first thing to do is to visit an accident and injury clinic (Daytona Beach FL). Here, a chiropractor will help examine you to determine the injuries you’ve sustained and recommend the best treatment. After a collision, the most common injuries include whiplash, herniated discs, and ligament damage. These injuries cause discomfort and pain, especially if they’re severe. Below are some ways in which chiropractic help can assist after a car accident:


1. Reduce Inflammation

Physical injury during an accident results in inflammation. Depending on the level of injury, the inflammation might be acute or chronic. Chronic inflammation can cause discomfort and damage tissues. With chiropractic help, your spine will be manipulated and realigned properly, thus reducing the inflammatory response. Excessive inflammation is characterized by pain and stiffness.


2. Reduce Pain

Immediately after a car accident, you might experience a lot of pain on the injured body parts. However, even if you’re not in pain, visiting an accident and injury clinic in Daytona Beach FL is advisable because the pain might come after some time. A chiropractor will use spinal manipulation, physical therapy, or exercise therapy to help eliminate pain and discomfort. Studies show that spinal manipulation increases cortisol, oxytocin, and neurotensin levels in the bloodstream.


3. Reduce Dependency on Medications

After an accident, you might get medical prescriptions to reduce inflammation or pain. Depending on the extent of injury, you might be required to take medication frequently or for a prolonged period which can be dangerous to your body. With chiropractic help, you’ll avoid medical dependency and addiction.


4. Improve Range of Motion

Car accident injuries can lead to loss of flexibility on the back, neck, and even joints. This usually comes as a result of misalignment of the joints due to the impact of the collision. Chiropractic help will assist you in restoring your range of motion by realigning the affected joints or discs properly.


5. Reduce Scar Tissue

Car accidents cause scars on muscles, thus resulting in soreness and stiffness. A chiropractor will help you break these scar tissues and speed up the healing process.


In conclusion, these are ways chiropractic help can assist after a car accident. The best part about chiropractic help is that it’s non-invasive, meaning that you’ll get the desired results without surgical intervention.

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