What Are Some Reasons I May Need an X-Ray?

December 10, 2021

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X-rays are imaging tests that play a significant role in helping doctors have a clear view of internal body parts. This is essential because it allows the doctors to understand patients’ problems, including abnormal growths, chronic pain, injuries, and other complications. Once the doctor gets a clear view, it becomes easy to diagnose the problem and recommend the best treatment procedure. Various x-rays are required for different reasons and include standard x-rays and digital motion x-rays. Today, most people prefer getting a digital motion x-ray near me rather than the standard x-rays due to its ability to provide clear images and accurate results that a doctor can easily read. Below are some top reasons you may need an x-ray:


  1. Injury Diagnosis


When you get internal injuries, it’s not easy to determine how severe or the general level of injury without undergoing a digital motion x-ray near me. If you got a bone fracture or joint dislocation due to a car accident, an x-ray will generate clear pictures, which will help the doctor examine the extent of the injury and the right treatment to provide.


  1. Determine the Symptoms of a Condition


Doctors use x-rays to determine the presence of certain symptoms associated with a particular condition inside the body. For instance, a doctor may order you to undertake a chest x-ray to determine the condition of your lungs, heart, or chest wall and also the reason for shortness of breath, chronic pain, or persistent cough.


  1. Mammography


This is specifically used for testing for abnormal breast growths. It assists in detecting breast cancer before it gets in advanced stages, which is very dangerous. This has really assisted in the reduction of breast cancer deaths.


  1. Dental Check


X-rays are required in assessing various dental problems that affect oral health. Dental x-rays require low radiation levels to check problems that arise in the gums and teeth, such as cavities, dental decay, or oral diseases.


  1. Identify Urinary Tract Conditions


X-rays are used in identifying various urinary tract conditions and problems in parts like kidneys, uterus, and bladder. In most cases, an IVP x-ray is usually done on the urinary tract, which involves using a contrast material that plays a significant role in identifying abnormalities.


In conclusion, these are some of the top reasons you may need an x-ray. X-rays can also help identify torn ligaments, cartilage, and joint changes.


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