What X-Ray is Best for Me?

November 14, 2021

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Digital motion x-ray (DMX) is a more technologically advanced type of x-ray that helps detect causes and sources of pain that other imaging options can’t. Its ability to work well more than the standard x-rays results from its extensive medical imaging. It produces a clear image of the affected body parts at a pretty higher rate of 30 x-rays per second, and the images are displayed on the video monitor. People struggling with pain whose source hasn’t been easily identifiable should consider a digital motion x-ray near me to get the ideal source of pain. Remember, pain management doctors can only identify the best pain treatment options if they know the actual cause. Below are reasons why you should consider getting a digital motion x-ray near me:


  1. Easy to Identify Pain or Injury Location

Digital motion x-ray is performed when the patient is in motion. This helps the doctor to see any signs of injuries on the affected part. This is essential because it’ll make it easier for the doctor to set up a proper treatment plan to help you recover quickly and get back to your normal life.


  1. Chronic Pain Treatment

If you’re suffering from chronic pain due to injury or infections, you can easily get immediate treatment after getting a digital motion x-ray. This usually works well if you’ve already exhausted all other means of identifying your source of pain and you haven’t gotten better. In most cases, a pain management doctor won’t give the right treatment if the cause of pain isn’t clear.


  1. Provides Clear Images

Most pain management doctors prefer digital motion x-rays because they provide clearer images than standard x-rays. These clear images lessen the burden of figuring out the actual cause of the underlying problems, including compression fractures.


  1. Cost Friendly

Typically, digital motion x-rays are cost-friendly compared to other imaging options such as standard x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. Since it helps identify the actual source of pain, you’ll get accurate diagnosis and treatment, thus saving the need for frequent imaging, especially in severe cases.


In conclusion, these are the top benefits of digital motion x-ray. After you start your treatments, DMX is also used in checking the healing progress from time to time.


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