Joint Popping Noise

Today I’m going to share with you what makes that popping or cracking noise when you get an adjustment or crack your knuckles.

Inside every single joint there is synovial fluid and gases. The fluid lubricates the joints and provides the nutrients they need. It also contains gases – like oxygen. When a joint is adjusted by a chiropractor, or if you crack it yourself, that joint is stretched just beyond the synovial fluid limit and gases are released, which makes the popping noise. It’ll take a little time for that joint to fill back up with those gases before it can be done again.

So just like when it’s done on your knuckles, it’s not harmful. There’s no breaking, no damage done to the joint when the popping happens. Some people are concerned about it. They may think the popping noise is a bad thing or they may have some hesitations about it – but there’s no harm to the joint.

What Makes the Joint Popping Noise

It’s actually very good to stretch the joint just beyond its normal limits. The joint is going to have a better range of motion after the adjustment. It’s going to move better. It’s going to feel better. It’s going to have more fluid in it, and will have fewer complications or problems in the future.

It’s a very simple procedure, but it has to be very specific and done by a trained professional – not by your brother or your cousin who knows how to crack backs. That can be very dangerous. So, make sure it’s done by a professional who’s been trained. We’ve had years of education on how to be specific with our types of treatment and how to not injure or hurt people. That’s our first goal.  First and foremost.

If you found this useful, please share. If you know someone that likes to crack their back or someone that likes to crack someone else’s back, share it with them too.

We’ll talk to you soon. Thanks.

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