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What Are My Knee Pain Treatment Options?


Most people develop knee pain due to certain things, including overuse injuries, inherited conditions, sudden injuries, or disorders like arthritis. Knee arthritis is common among people and is categorized into osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. If you're experiencing knee pain, you need to be diagnosed by a doctor or chiropractor to determine the best treatment. The [...]

What Are My Knee Pain Treatment Options?2021-12-06T19:44:01-07:00

What Are Some Reasons I May Need an X-Ray?


X-rays are imaging tests that play a significant role in helping doctors have a clear view of internal body parts. This is essential because it allows the doctors to understand patients' problems, including abnormal growths, chronic pain, injuries, and other complications. Once the doctor gets a clear view, it becomes easy to diagnose the problem [...]

What Are Some Reasons I May Need an X-Ray?2021-12-06T19:40:05-07:00

5 Benefits to Seeing a Chiropractor


Most people are looking for alternative techniques to relieve chronic pain and avoid reliance on medications that have a long-term effect on the body. Chiropractic care is among the leading pain management techniques that work well to eliminate pain in various body parts, including muscles, connective tissues, joints, bones, and cartilage. In most cases, chiropractic [...]

5 Benefits to Seeing a Chiropractor2021-12-06T15:06:29-07:00

Benefits to Chiropractic along with Medication Treatment


Back pain issues have become increasingly common. Most patients experiencing chronic pain usually seek alternative treatments for medication. Combining Chiropractic care with medication is very helpful in treating back pain. Learn more about the benefits of chiropractic in this guide.    What Is Chiropractic Care?    Chiropractors believe that when the spine is aligned, the [...]

Benefits to Chiropractic along with Medication Treatment2021-12-06T14:53:20-07:00

Neuropathy… Now What?


Neuropathy is a disorder that results from nerve damage that leads to pain, muscle weakness, and numbness of the affected body part. This disorder mostly starts in the arms and feet. It generally results when neurons get damaged and thus disrupting how they communicate with the brain. It can affect one or multiple nerves in [...]

Neuropathy… Now What?2021-11-18T12:56:13-07:00

What X-Ray is Best for Me?


Digital motion x-ray (DMX) is a more technologically advanced type of x-ray that helps detect causes and sources of pain that other imaging options can't. Its ability to work well more than the standard x-rays results from its extensive medical imaging. It produces a clear image of the affected body parts at a pretty higher [...]

What X-Ray is Best for Me?2021-11-16T11:31:19-07:00

Things to Look Forward to With Pain Management


The ultimate goal of different pain management strategies is to reduce suffering that affects well-being. Pain is categorized into acute and chronic pain and can result from injury, accident, medical conditions or surgery. Typically, acute and chronic pain can be treated using various pain management strategies, including pain medications, massage therapy, exercise, hydrotherapy, and psychological [...]

Things to Look Forward to With Pain Management2021-11-16T11:24:11-07:00

Benefits to Home Health


Home health care is growing as a better alternative to reduce overcrowding in health facilities. It's primarily ideal for people with limited mobility. Additionally, most people nowadays prefer recuperating at home. Recent surveys show that patients heal quickly with home health care due to comfort and safety. However, in most cases, the recovery largely depends [...]

Benefits to Home Health2021-11-16T11:13:08-07:00

How Chiropractors Can Keep You Out of Trouble


Chiropractic care is the best alternative treatment for pain management. It's drug-free and non-invasive. Generally, a chiropractor will help you improve your health without taking any drugs or undergoing surgery. A chiropractor in Ormond Beach can keep you out of trouble through treatment of the following:   Lower Back Pain   This is common for [...]

How Chiropractors Can Keep You Out of Trouble2021-10-26T11:10:33-06:00

What Results Can You Look Forward to with Pain Management?


There are high chances that at some point in time, you'll visit a pain management doctor. The most common circumstances that can make you find a pain management doctor include: - A car accident - Slip or fall injury - Broken bones - Medical conditions that bring chronic pain in various body parts, such as [...]

What Results Can You Look Forward to with Pain Management?2021-10-22T09:10:24-06:00