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Three Year Anniversary Open House


January 23rd, 2020 | 4 pm to 6 pm Join us in celebrating our three year anniversary with an open house at our new larger location! We have added additional space in the practice to add additional services including massage therapy, weight loss, and anti aging services.  Free food from local restaurant [...]

Three Year Anniversary Open House2020-01-10T16:23:26-07:00

Chiropractic Care vs. Surgery


Chiropractic Care vs. Surgery Dr. Steflik here, with Coastal Integrative Healthcare. Today I'm going to share some very important information about chiropractic care versus surgery. There was a 2012 study done on workers who were injured on the job and had back pain.  Some went to a chiropractor, and some went to the [...]

Chiropractic Care vs. Surgery2020-01-07T14:44:07-07:00

Chiropractic Care vs. Medicine


Chiropractic Care vs. Medicine Today I'm going to talk about chiropractic care vs. medicine. In our office we’ve combined the two, so it's not really one vs. the other. But traditionally - hundreds of years ago, and even as recently as the seventies and eighties - chiropractors would be fighting with medical doctors [...]

Chiropractic Care vs. Medicine2019-12-30T16:31:23-07:00

Chiropractic Care vs. Physical Therapy


Chiropractic Care vs. Physical Therapy I'm going to talk to you today about chiropractic vs physical therapy. Which one should you do? Which one's going to be best for you? I can't give you that answer directly because I don't know your specific condition, but what I can tell you is the number [...]

Chiropractic Care vs. Physical Therapy2019-12-17T16:35:41-07:00

Why You Should Wear a Seat Belt


Why You Should Wear a Seat Belt Everybody knows you should wear a seatbelt. But why? Do you know how bad it can be if you don’t? They’ve done a lot of research on seat belts and that's why it's the law that you buckle up - click it or ticket.  It’s been [...]

Why You Should Wear a Seat Belt2019-11-21T11:00:48-07:00

Tips for Golfers to Prevent Back Pain


Tips for Golfers to Prevent Back Pain Today I'm going to share some very important information about how to prevent back pain if you’re a golfer, and how to get rid of it if you already have it. Golf is a very intense sport. If you’re a golfer, you know that. A lot [...]

Tips for Golfers to Prevent Back Pain2019-11-04T11:05:16-07:00

What’s That Popping Noise?


Joint Popping Noise Today I'm going to share with you what makes that popping or cracking noise when you get an adjustment or crack your knuckles. Inside every single joint there is synovial fluid and gases. The fluid lubricates the joints and provides the nutrients they need. It also contains gases – like [...]

What’s That Popping Noise?2019-10-30T16:20:01-06:00

What is Runner’s Knee


What is Runner’s Knee Today I'm going to share with you some great information about runner's knee. If you're a runner, you've probably heard of runner’s knee. Runner’s knee is common in runners, of course, but what is it? What’s happening when a runner has pain in the knee?In the knee joint, there are two bones [...]

What is Runner’s Knee2019-10-15T15:45:02-06:00

Medicare Approved Back Braces


Medicare Approved Back Braces Today I'm going to share some advice and information about Medicare approved back braces.  You’ve likely seen TV commercials, or if you're over the age of 65 gotten phone calls, about Medicare- approved back braces. The back braces Medicare approves have to meet certain requirements. And to meet those [...]

Medicare Approved Back Braces2019-10-04T13:56:56-06:00

Children In A Car Accident


Children In A Car Accident Today I want to share some important statistics and other information regarding children and car accidents. The first thing I want to say is please be sure that you're buckling your children up and using the proper size car seat for your child. 40% of all fatalities of children in [...]

Children In A Car Accident2019-10-27T20:26:07-06:00